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    電 話:0512-69351218

    傳 真:0512-69351217


    E-mall: sz@szzhuyu.com 

    郵 編:215000

    Q  Q:1659235933

    地 址:蘇州市姑蘇區人民路3188號平江萬達廣場寫字樓B座1108室


      不銹鋼工程《一站式》系統解決方案: ﹙1﹚預制式不銹鋼煙囪系統 ﹙2﹚預制式不銹鋼污衣井系統 ﹙3﹚不銹鋼廚房油煙凈化系統 ﹙4﹚不銹鋼隔油器系列 ﹙5﹚各類不銹鋼電箱、水箱、消防箱、廣告牌及公交站臺、市政不銹鋼路橋圍欄等系列 ﹙6﹚各類不銹鋼工作臺、推車、貨架、廣告牌等系列 ﹙7﹚剪板、折彎不銹鋼門,窗護套,線條,室外不銹鋼雨棚等 ﹙8﹚各類不銹鋼非標件設計,來圖來樣加工。 筑譽不銹鋼竭誠為新老用戶提供最貼心的服務。

    Suzhou to build the reputation of stainless steel Co., the company is headquartered in Suzhou City, Metro Pingjiang (Modern Service Building), production and processing base is located in Xiangcheng Beiqiao Industrial Zone, the existing staff of 120 people, senior technical management staff of 20 people, the annual output value of 30000000 yuan.

    Jianye Building reputation since, adhering to the "quality first, technology innovation, customer satisfaction" as thecreed, be strict in one's demands, positive enterprising, created a high-quality project, won the praise of many customers, develop into the current domestic stainless steel engineering field, offer the most complete, most professional service "one-stop" stainless steel engineering system solutions supplier. Fusadumi Ho, no have tothousands of miles, build reputation to rely on its own technical strength, extensive and modern design group,southwest Design Institute for technical cooperation, combined with the characteristics of the use of stainless steelproject in China, manufacturing of advanced technology, convenient installation of stainless steel products.Building reputation integration of production system, the refinement process, the introduction of advancedproduction and testing equipment, with a strict quality control system throughout the product design - procurement of materials - Production -- transport installation debugging - delivery - post service. Building known customers would like to think, urgent customer needs, customers and win-win target, as long as you a message, the rest of the things done by us.

    The solution project of stainless steel "one-stop" system: (1) the prefabricated stainless steel chimney system (2)prefabricated stainless steel dirt clothes well system (3) stainless steel kitchen fume purification system (4)stainless steel oil separator series (5) of various types of stainless steel electric box, water tank, fire boxes,billboards and bus station, municipal Luqiao stainless steel fence series (6) of various types of stainless steelworktable, carts, shelves, billboards and other series (7) Jianban, bending stainless steel door, stainless steelwindow sheath, lines, outdoor canopy (8) all kinds of stainless steel non-standard parts design, plans to sample processing. Building the reputation of stainless steel wholeheartedly for the new and old customers to provide the best quality, the most attentive service.



    電話:0512-69351218 / 傳真:0512-69351217

    版權所有 蘇州筑譽不銹鋼有限公司 技術支持:仕德偉科技 蘇ICP備11036050號
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